Transcript Dead Man Walking

Thank you, thank you actors. This is so, so great to get out of my seat for a change. It’s really disorienting and I have some people I’m going to thank in case I never get out of my seat again.

First of all thank you all for including me with all these great lucky actors that had a chance to have a good part this year. I’d like to thank Sister Helen Prejean for living her life, for trusting us with her life into our lives.

I’d like to thank Arleen Donovan for showing me the book. I’d like to thank my dear friend Sam Cohn and Eileen Goldsmith for forcing people to make it. I’d like to thank PolyGram and Working Title, Tim Evans and Michelle Hume, Russell Swaite, Allen Leyer for giving us 495 to make it.

And Sean Penn, for his intelligence, his humor, his courage and his hair do. Half of this is definitely yours.

And finally, most importantly the writer, director, and my partner in crime, Tim Robbins for putting aside his project to do this one; for writing such a brilliant script and putting humanity first. And giving everybody on every side of this issue a human face for his incredible vision and dedication to that vision with out which no one would have anything. To put it in hockey terms, I just kept hitting the post until you came in to assist. Thank you very much.

Thank you all. [Applause]