Transcript NYPD Blue

I do, I owe you money Jimmy Spitz, Jimmy Spitz, Jimmy Spitz. I’m going to screw his name up this time.

Um, you know this gets a little overwhelming and I thank you so very much. I have the pleasure of working with that guy that I admire so very, very much on a daily basis and it’s a blessing that I get to work with a guy like Jimmy everyday - and that in it self is a great reward.

I would also like to acknowledge and thank our wonderful cast. I am not going to name all their names because I’ll probably forget them.

I have to acknowledge the man who’s most responsible for every word that us actors speak on the show and he fights tooth and nail for everything we do and say on our show and without him there would n=be no NYPD Blue. We all admire and respect and love David Milch. [Applause]

Steven Bochco, thanks for the job. Thanks for not killing off Sipowicz the first year.

Bill Clark, Mike Robin, Mark tinker, Bob Doherty – thanks for being there everyday guys. Judith Mess, Sam Gorrs, Cynthia Synder.

My beautiful wife, Jonie, our two wonderful kids Tricia and Krista. Thanks for making me lucky to be an actor. Thank you all. [Applause]