Transcript Seinfeld

JERRY SEINFELD: My name is Jerry Seinfeld and I’m a bad actor. [Laugh]
But I think I have proven convincingly that you can do very well In our business if you are smart enough to surround yourself with these spectacular talents that I have here beside me. [Applause]

Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, and Julia Louis-Dreyfuss.

I would also like to mention our wonderful director, Andy Acklemen, who’s helped us in a thousand ways and takes in shows that really people would not want to do and does the so well.

So we are enormously honored and thrilled. We wanted to win this and we’re so happy that we did.

I also think that the people who don’t show up should forfeit. If you don’t show up, the award goes to people who dressed up and come in here. Thank you. [Applause]