Transcript The Birdcage

NATHAN LANE: Well, what a wonderful surprise. We’re all very grateful for this and for the people who are not here: Dianne Weist, Gene Hackman, Calista Flockhart, and Dan Futterman – who are all incredible.

I am so overwhelmed. This seems to be the year of the independent film. I really didn’t think we had a chance but...[Laugh]

I am very grateful. I am very happy to have a commercial success finally.

We would like to thank Mike Nichols especially for his guidance and Elaine May for her brilliant script and everyone at United Artists especially. I would like to thank on behalf of everyone, especially for myself, I would like to thank Robin Williams for his incredible personality and his incredible generosity and love and his support. I made a true friend and this is certainly his more than anyone else’s. Thank you very much. [Applause]