Transcript 3rd Rock From The Sun

I am an actor. [Laugh]

I figured out a long time ago that no body acts alone and that an actor is only as good as the people he acts with. So Jane Kurtin, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart, Joey Gordan-Levitt, Elmaria Wendel, Simbi Khali, Wayne Knight and all of our guest stars of last year. You have secured this for me for the second year in a row.

Also, for the second year in a row our cast has been honored by a nomination for the best ensemble in a comedy. I am very, very proud to be in this group.

Also, for the second year in a row you have nominated exactly the same five actors in this category: Chelsey, David, Jason, Michael and me. Now here’s an idea. How about an original comedy or an original drama, for that matter, with the five of us. Now there’s an ensemble I would love to be a part of. Among the five of us, we could make the Full Monte boys look to their laurels. Gentleman, name the date; the rest of you, thank you so much. [Applause]