Transcript Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

MO’NIQUE: Wow. [cheers] Thank you to every member of the Screen Actors Guild. I am so very honored. There are some people that I must thank, that could easily go overlooked. But without these people, this film could have not been what it is. I have to say thank you to Aunt Dot, who plays Mary Jones’ mother. [applause] I have to say thank you to the Each One Teach One Students, [cheers] y’all were absolutely amazing.

I have to say thank you to Lisa Cortes, who was an amazing producer, and who put the work in every single day. And I have to thank the little girl that we called “Mongo.” Her name is Quishay, and I want to thank that baby and her mother for allowing us to use that special gift in this project. Lee Daniels, you never cease to amaze me. God got somethin’ on you brother that you can’t begin to imagine the gift.

God bless us all. [cheers] Thank you very much. [applause]