Transcript ER

I just learned a really important lesson tonight – to try the shoes on before you actually come to the award ceremony. [Laugh]

Thank you so much, this is such an honor coming from my peers, to the women who were nominated along with me. I’m overwhelmed; I wasn’t expecting this at all.

I have an incredible cast to thank. They have incredible mastered the art of throwing the line away on our show. Which I think most actors would agree is possible the hardest thing to do. And you ar so brilliant to work with.

I have to give special thanks to my partner in crime, George Clooney. Who, although is not here tonight, really allows me to be free with my acting and gives me so much space. It’s a joy to work with you. George, wherever you are.

To my incredible agent, Steve Dottenville - I would go on but Alfre Woodard really said it all at the Golden Globes, so I just second her emotions.

Carrie Ross for her guidance and the writers and the producers, Lydia Woodward, Carol Flint …there’s too many people. You’re all wonderful. My family, I couldn’t be here tonight without you. And my true inspiration, I love you and thank you Ron. [Applause]