Transcript Miss Evers' Boys

Thank you. Thanks a whole lot, Actors. You have been really good to me and I want you all to know I appreciate it. I do appreciate it and from…um I get to stand up here tonight for a whole slu of people who were just acting up a storm in this movie.

Laurence Fishburne, And Joe Martin, are any of them here? Joe, I don’t know what I deserved to be in the middle of that sandwich but it was really nice.

Obba Babatunde’, Ossie Davis – its like tag team acting. It was just a great time. Craig Sheffer, Thom Gossom, My good sister Donzaleigh Abernathy – we laughed a lot. I think you do that when there’s so much to cry about. But, I want you to know I am inspired by you and I’m just trying to keep it real, Thanks. [Applause]