Transcript George Wallace

Thank you. YEAH! I am really nervous here. And Uh, thank you Ted Turner, Brad Segal, Julie Wice, Nick Limbardo, TNT for making this movie and supporting our great director John Frankenheimer. Everytime you pushed and thank you John Framkenheimer for pushing as much as you did to make this movie.

My family; my beautiful wife, Morra, for your courage, your strength, your support, your love, and your friendship…thank you honey.

My agent Patrick Whitsel; my manager, Jerry Harrington, for their support.

We have a great cast in George Wallace: Angelina Jolie, Clarence William III, Jo Don Baker, Teri Kenny and the beautiful Mary Winningham. These actors just...I mean [Applause]

Everyone in this room knows what it’s like to be around actors when they’re coming at you. It just brings up the level of your own performance and it makes everything richer and it makes you invest so much more.

I have to thank all my friends and fellow actors. Steppenwolf theatre in Chicago, for the great teachers they have been throughout my artistic life. That’s been my artistic home for over twenty years. And I got to tell you, just being in this room and looking at these people. Everyone in here has been a teacher to me. Jack Nicholson, I mean Jack Nicholson… you’re here man! He’s here! Jack, you’re here man. One Flew Over the Koko’s Nest, I mean China Town, Last Detail. Robert Duvall, Dustin Hoffman these people have excited a riot with in me and made me want to be an actor. Many of you people. I’ve learned so very much. Thank you. [Applause]