Transcript ER

Thank you very much. First of all, my hair is off…my hat is off. [Laugh]

I have a deep salute and great congratulations and admiration for the other actors in this category. I know what an hour is like. David and Jimmy and Dennis and Sam, I have great respect for you.

And once again I am very fortunate to work with a tremendous ensemble of actors. A lot of them are here tonight: Laura and Noah and Gloria and Juliana and George and everybody, it’s a big love in there. And that’s when the acting works well cause that’s…we all work together. So I am a proud leader of that. And I thank them.

And as always, this is only here (statue), and I am only here out of inspiration and love of my wife and my children. As we can all relate to, those of us who actually love people. [Laugh]

So, thank you all and respect you all. Thank you. [Applause]