Transcript Good Will Hunting

Wow! Welcome to our town. Yep, it’s been four years here in Grover’s Corner. I feel like someone’s going to come out and say, “pappa mista.” Wow, this one – nice statue in a cold room. [Laugh]

Okay, thank you. Thank you very much for this, I was sitting over there sweating like Marlon Brando after Thai food. [Laugh]

I think you just got this off a Bentley. Thanks.

I want to thank that young man over there. When I first met him I wanted to ask him for ID. I want to thank Matt Damon and Ben Affleck for writing words that kick you in the soul.

I want to thank Gus Van Sant for being so mellow to turn a teamster to bet (?).

I want to thank the whole ensemble Stellan, Cole, Casey, Minni, everybody who made it. It’s like jazz, you just go there and rip.

Thanks the people at South Boston because I want to go back. It’s a pisser. [Laugh]

I want to thank that woman sitting over there who makes it very difficult to imagine life without her and this is ah…

This award reminds me – they once asked Madam Dugold – What is the most important thing in life? She looked and said a penis. And they said Madam Dugold, what do you mean? And she said its so much better than unhappiness. So, thank you. [Applause]