Transcript As Good As It Gets

Okay. I am a 25-year member of the Screen Actor’s Guild so I am very proud to get his award and to be singles out among these actresses is just unfathomable.

Okay, so you get a dream part in a dream movie with your dream leading man and your dream director, who last nigh I heard Jim speak to the DGA and he talked about when actors stretch and that becomes a cliché for playing a part you’re not right for. But in truth that makes leaping out to some unknown and risking making a fool of yourself. And the fact that I got to work with someone who gets acting in that way, I just, its, its…an incredible, incredible thing.

Then surprises like Kristi Zea and Brenda Johnson who descend and when there isn’t a woman for twenty paces and they’re there and are the goddesses of the movie.

And I’d like to thank my acting teachers Gordan Hunt, Larry Moss, and Gary Austin – who I studied improv with for a million years. And the people that I studied with because the truth is that feeling that you get when working on a scene in an acting class is the feeling you get in a movie. Doing this from your heart is sort of the same thing. So I’d like to thank them lastly.

My partner Connie Tavel, Happy Birthday. And my partner in life, Nathan. And lastly my publicist Steven Hubane, who everybody in this room knows how much he is responsible for this. We all know that people show up at these events because the people that we work with do their job. And mine do it in a soulful, heartful way. So I’m incredibly lucky and incredibly grateful. Thank you so much. [Applause]