Transcript As Good As It Gets

As an experiment really tried not to think of anything to say tonight.

You know I get to play so many parts and I think how lucky I am. I worked for 10 years and never got more that one-dollar more than the Screen Actor’s Guild minimum, not one. And I want to congratulate all the actors who worked this year. [Applause]

I’m kind of a Patsy, I always get shook up. This movie, this movie is about a lot of things. This movie in particular, I felt, was about loving you. And I love what I do; I love all the people I get to do it with. I love Rebecca. In fact I love what we all did for Ms. Stuart tonight. I was just so happy.

And you know Jim Brooks is a genius. But mainly I love Greg, Helen, all the people I worked with on this movie.

Love is a word I never thought I could say in a scene. I appreciate and thank you all for this. [Applause]