Transcript Tracey Takes On

Wow, bloody heavy huh?

Well, I’m surprised. Thank you so much my fellow thespians. I can’t believe it, I’m thrilled a bit gosh.

I just want tot hank my lovely husband, Alan, who’s sitting over there, who makes me get out of bed and do this. And HBO because the y let me be true and spontaneous and they don’t mess with me – which is what all of us want, isn’t it so?

Um, all my lovely cast and crew, the wonderful actors that help me every week. I’m usually my own ensemble love. But Julie Casner, Michael Tucker, Michael McKeen, Cheet Marlin, everybody who helped me. My lovely kids Mable and Johnny watching this at home, Meril Streep, my friend in the audience. I won thank God, the kids will be so pleased. Thank you. [Applause]