Transcript ER

Thank you so much. This is such an honor from the members of the Screen Actor’s Guild. And it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to publicly think my soul mate on the show for the past five years, George Clooney, who I wouldn’t be up here without. And he’s really responsible for a lot of my work on that show.

And to my incredible parents, all three of you. I’ve never properly thanked you and from the bottom of my heart, I so appreciate your support.

To this amazing cast I get to work with and all the unit producers and directors there is like 18,000 of you and your all especially brilliant and talented and I can’t name you all but I swear I’ll write you all little notes tomorrow.

To my dream team Elaine Cashin and Steve Dottenville, Ron West, Carrie ??? your belief in me is overwhelming and very appreciated.

To my beautiful inspiration, a man that is more talented than I could ever dream to be, Ron Nelsar, you are my angel. Thanks. [Applause]