Transcript Law & Order

I couldn’t be more surprised even though I’ve tried to pretend that prizes don’t really surprises to be kind of moved because it reminds me of how much you have to be grateful for. And some of the people I have to be grateful for are here in this room: Jenny, Steve, and Angie and Ben and Jeff. Who’d I leave out? Ed, Dick, Renee all the writers. But listen….

Oh I know, here’s the list of people, here’s the list of people whose shoulders we stand on: Richard Brooks, Carey Lowell, Michael Moriarty, Jill Hennessey, Chris Noth, Paul Sorvino, George Dzundza, Dann Florek and all the New York actors who made our life interesting and work worth dealing.

And the only other person who is missing tonight is my wife, who I wish was here because that’s the whole thing really. Thanks. [Applause]