Transcript Life Is Beautiful

Thank you. Mamma Mia! Thank you. Now, I never lost.

Because I want to share this with Nick Nolte, Tom Hanks, Joe Fiennes, Ian McKellan. I really learned so much from them that I owe them. This is yours because I learned so much from them. I love you so much…

This is really a pleasure, I don’t know, now, maybe I’ve lost because they’ve asked me to work in the United States with this English…I ‘m really afraid… I married a pregnant woman really… for me so deep because now, now I have to do more…

So typically there is proof, the proof is Nicoletta Braschi that I married. If I was able to marry her, this means I was really a good actor. This is the proof I am a good actor. Cause actors, they are never alone. So when Nicoletta Braschi and the actors come on and shooting with me. Without them I couldn’t act. They are to me this light, this sky. I have to be thankful that I have this prize for my movie, everything.

I am so full of joy that my body is steering everything, every organ in my body is moving in a very bad way and I ca not, I can’t…Full of joy, I don’t deserve so much. Anyway joy delights joy, exuberance is beauty.

It’s wonderful to sit here at same time with Kate Bates and Meryl Streep, who is really wonderful. And I thank everybody. Naturally the Miramax people – the way we make love together. [Laugh]

This prize! And last but not least I would like to pay honor to, to pay tribute to Vincenzo. Its because directors and actors, they are somebody. It’s dreamt for us and he was making this movie with the language for dreams and this is very rare. And we owe to him a lot, so I thank you for this wonderful prize. And with all my energy all my life, all my everything, I kiss you. And, I didn’t deserve this so much. A big kiss to everyone.

Thank you again. Thank you. [Applause]