Transcript Ally McBeal

CALISTA FLOCKHART: Wow, thank you very much. This is I think I speak for all of us, this is very exciting and its especially special because it comes from actors.

You know, to me, the cat is at the height of what it means to be an ensemble. And not tone person could step out and if they did the show simply wouldn’t work. Every single one of you arte indisposeable but especially to me. It’s a joy to go to work everyday and be challenged and be surrounded by exceptionally gifted actors.

I know that we all know that the foundation of any endeavor is the crew and we want tot thank you. We don’t know how you do it or how you do it so well. And a big thank you to David Kelly and all of the producers and all of the people who are so tremendously supportive at Fox. And we’d like to thank our agents and lawyers and publicist and managers and all those people we love and pay. [Laugh]

Hold this it’s actually very heavy.


CALISTA FLOCKHART: Thank you to our families

GIL BELLOWS: yea, big thanks to our families, and congratulations to all of you out there.

CALISTA FLOCKHART: Yea, thank you. [Applause]