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ANTHONY EDWARDS: The problem with being number one on the call sheet is they look at you when it comes to these things and say – you talk. So, The one thing I have to say is congratulations to the other shows we say here cause as an ensemble we know how hard all of you work and how well you do. And the year of the drama is very exciting because of the performance of actors in other ensemble shows. Thank you and congratulations especially to Mr. David Kelly.

What I want to say is um, we’re on our fifth season and we’re still having fun. And we’re still having fun because we’re inspired by writers and producers who are giving us great stories. And we’re also very inspired by actors who come in and fill up our call sheets with great performances and make our lives everyday an exciting one because we get inspired by performances, as I’m sure you all know on drama shows.

So, other than that, hats off to the actors and congratulations to all of you. And we accept it for the ensemble and all of us. Thank you. [Applause]