Transcript Shakespeare in Love

RUPERT EVERETT: I don’t know why they asked me to do the talking. But when Harry Weinstein called me up and said we’re making Shakespeare in Love and you’d make a perfect Marlowe, I took on a far away glazed look. And Harvey, I said, I’m born to play Shakespeare. [Laugh] But unfortunately not this season. And thanks to Harvey’s sheer magnetism and subtle power of persuasion I can now say with great pride I am Marlowe.

And I feel very lucky to be involved in such a fantastic movie. So on behalf of the cast: Colin Firth, Ben Affleck, Jim Carter, Martin Clunes, Tony Sher, Imelda Staunton, Tom Wilkinson we all thank you, Geoffrey rush sorry. [Laugh]

Um, John Madden for giving each and every one of us the opportunity to have a moment of our own in the film.

To Marc Norman and Tom Stoppard for a fantastic screenplay and Harvey for making the film and for making it such an event.

And to the Screen Actor’s guild, thank you. [Applause]