Transcript Spin City

Thank you. You were kind enough to give me one of these last year. And just so you know, they really scare small children. My daughters won’t come near ‘em. I want to thank all the brothers and sisters in SAG and also the SAG Foundation for the terrific work they do; I have been privileged to have been involved with them in some capacity. It really is a terrific function of the Guild -- as well as just looking after all of our checks.

I want to do something that I haven’t had a chance to do before and I’ll try to be really quick about it. But in honoring me, you really honor the actors that I’ve been privileged to work with for the last four years. I just want a chance -- I’ve never really had a chance to kind of just mention them and talk about them briefly. Victoria Dillard, who when we were smart enough to give her a shot, is great and is a great team player; Sandy Chaplin who is our Juilliard graduate -- in spite of that very funny; Connie Britten, who is always real and always funny and always a great friend; Allen Rock, who’s a consummate craftsman and has made lechery lovable – and, I don’t know whether that is a good thing but that’s what he’s done; Richard Kind who is like our fullback and when we’re inside the 20 we give him a joke and he just piles through and get the laugh; Michael Boatman, who’s played a gay character on our show with none of the attendant weirdness and stereotypes that heretofore have been part of that and has done -- created a dignified fabulous character; Heather Locklear, who has shown what a professional is – she shows up, she takes a risk after doing it for so long and learns quickly and is fabulous; and Barry Bostwick, who like all of the greats -- and he is one of the greats -- still gets nervous before he does a show. I love being an actor and I love being one of you and I am just proud of this and thank you all very much.