Transcript The Sopranos

Thank you very much. I want to congratulate the other gentlemen nominated. Especially, Ricky Schroder. He did a great job; he stepped into something that was tough to do and I think he did a tremendous job.

I had a little time to take a vacation and I got to think about what was going on here. I just want to say I was very grateful for the last two years. Especially to the cast, the writers, David Chase, the people I got to work with. It’s been amazing and I want to thank somebody: my mother and my father. They came over from Italy; they raised 3 kids, sent them all to college -- my mother is no longer with us; I miss her very much. And Dad, I love you. Thank you for everything.

And to the actors out there who maybe aren’t doing so well: Things can change very quickly. Hang in there. Thank You.