Transcript Girl, Interrupted

I just was reminded of the other performances when I was up there watching; and Chloë’s at my table and she’s so amazing to me -- and it always feels funny that we’re in competition. I just can’t believe I’m standing here right now in front of everybody. I can’t believe we were able to do this film. I love being an actor so much.

I was able to have this experience where we could be so brave and so open with each other -- and I hope that’s how I can live my life. I hope that’s how we can all accept each other. Lisa was and is alive. I hope to meet her and I hope she’s okay with this. She’s a beautiful person and I love you just as you are. I don’t think you need any help because I know deep down you just want to be a good person and so do I.

I just want to thank my family for being so supportive, for loving me and being so wonderful. My friends: Geyer, Janine and Rochelle – we love you. My brother, and everybody. Sorry I went on for so long and thank you so much. This means so much to me!