Transcript American Beauty

There are two tables here -- with one exception, Wes Bentley is stuck in Calgary -- and this is the reason that I was able to come to work every day. I’m so proud of this movie and I have to say to Sam Mendes: If this is my best work, you are the reason. You guided through this movie everyday and I thank God for the ground you walk on. To Alan Ball, for one of the most courageous and extraordinary scripts I ever read in my life. Congratulations to you!

I am extraordinarily proud to be an actor. I want to thank my manager, Joanne; my agent, John; my staff: Dana, Mike, Bernie, and Kate. While we all celebrate here tonight -- and we’re fortunate enough to be here -- there are colleagues of ours who are not with us. I would like to just take a moment to remind us that there are people who came before us, and there are people who are the reason that we are standing here. In two places in the San Fernando Valley they are gathered around televisions tonight; they are those colleagues of ours in the Motion Picture Homes in the Valley. I want to dedicate this to all the work they have done for us that came before us; dedicate this to them and say, “We have not forgotten you!” Thank you.