Transcript American Beauty

PETER GALLAGHER: From all of us, thank you for this grand recognition. Thora, why don’t you keep this till May 15th and give it to Mena.

I was elected to speak for this fortunate group -- I assume for reasons of seniority -- but Annette reminded me that I am The King. I’m The King, of real estate, anyway. I think I can safely say that from the time we opened this script -- and for a long, long time to come -- we feel very fortunate.

Thank you to Alan Ball for creating a world with words with room enough to welcome us all in. To Bruce and Dan for seeing the beauty in that world, and protecting it so zealously. And to Sam for casting us and being more brilliant than you can imagine. And, to DreamWorks for letting him cast us; and for protecting this movie; and ushering it out into the world so successfully. Thank you! And to our

KEVIN SPACEY: To Debbie Zane for casting this movie..

PETER GALLAGHER: To Debbie Zane for casting us. Yes! And to our families: our husbands, our wives, and our children. To our representatives. To everyone we’ve ever met. To Maureen Stapleton. To our fellow professionals. Thank you for recognizing the value of an ensemble and honoring us with the Screen Actors Awards.

KEVIN SPACEY: We rule! We rule! Come on.

PETER GALLAGHER: We rule! To ensembles everywhere!