Transcript Ally McBeal

Okay, yeah, this is great, and it's my peers, and so many people here that I've learned from over the years, and this is exceptional. I've got to thank my mom, who is in Pennsylvania right now. She's the reason that I wanted to become an actor, watching her, growing up. And it seemed like, in addition to being a great mom, there was this magical thing she did, and that made me ecstatic. This is for you, Mom.

I would like to thank David Kelley, of course, Pam Wisne, Bill D'Elia, Alice and the other Pam.

Calista, as always, I love working with you. The rest of the cast is so great. And Peter MacNicol, my co-nominee -[applause]‹the other nominees as well. [applause]

The truth is, we know this is about dedication. This about - you give your life to this. And we know what we sacrifice in order to give ourselves to this art form. And I know that Peter MacNicol, right now, has his sides for our scenes this week at the table. [laughter] You got my vote, brother. [applause]