Transcript Sex and the City

Jeez, I got -- I got my SAG card 23 years ago, January 28th, so I've been a proud card-carrying member for so long. And I've -- acting is the only thing I ever wanted to do, and really, it's because my brother, Toby, was the first actor I ever knew, and he was the one I admired most, and I just wanted to make him laugh.

And I never imagined I'd have the sort of opportunities that I've had and work with the wonderful people that I've worked with and been so fortunate. And I'm so grateful that Frank Silvaggi [sp] kept me in good standing with the union. He paid my SAG -- oh time's up! He paid my SAG dues every month. And I'm so grateful because I really wouldn't be here tonight if that hadn't happened.

And this is -- I am -- this is-- I consider this a great honor, and I'm incredibly grateful. And there's all these film actors in here too. So thank you for inviting myself and my cast to be part of tonight because we've enjoyed it so much and have seen so many famous people. [laughter] And thank you for voting for us. Thank you, this is just an extraordinary treat. Thank you so much. [applause]