Transcript Erin Brockovich

Oh it's padded. [referring to award] Set him down. I love Jeff Bridges. We were talking about him at breakfast. [laughter] This is -- freaky. This is -- you know, if this was a prom this would be like the best school ever to go to. [laughter] But it's not, so I'll be serious -- in my own special way.

Thank you so much. To be a girl and to enjoy anything that has to do with SAG, you know, you have to figure it's pretty important. [laughter] [applause]

God, I'm just shaking. And thank you, actors -- just great, great actors -- and now I really feel so much better about my level of talent than I did this afternoon. [laughter] And I appreciate that so much, because I'm not always sure.

And it's not just me. There's just so many people. You guys know, I'm a fraud to stand here alone because, God, there's so many people that make me look like I know what I'm doing. And so I - I -- there's all these invisible people behind me that I wish you could see, because they're lovely and they're sweet and they work so hard, and they make what I do look like it's easy. And we all know that it's kind of torture. But, you know, they pay us so much. [laughter]

So I just want to thank Steven Soderbergh, my own personal god. And Albert Finney, who's fabulous, and Aaron Eckhart and all the wonderful actors that played -- God bless you, Sam Waterston -- [laughter] who played my children. And in my little homebase, Elaine Goldsmith Thomas and Jeff Berg, my agent, and Marcy Engleman, and everybody that I've ever met in my life.

And my sister, Lisa, who knows so many people in SAG, and she said,"I told everybody to vote for you." So Lisa, thank you because it worked! [laughter] And Benjamin, honey -- thank you just for being my best friend and being just the most handsome date a gal could want. So thank you all! [applause]