Transcript The West Wing

JOHN SPENCER: Hello, I'm John Spencer. My group has elected me to talk. [applause] Janel is holding the statue. We really wanted this so badly for two reasons: first of all because it's given by you, our peers. Actors know what actors do. We've all had the same highs, we've all had the same lows. And so, thank you.

And second of all, because we are an ensemble in the true sense of the word. We all carry the load. We're all in there working harder, probably than we ever had in our lives. I want to thank our friends at NBC and Warners. I want to thank our fabulous producer, John Wells, our genius and passionate Tommy Schlamme.

And the real secret here is we're in there working our asses off because we are blessed with such brilliant material -- and that material is given to us by Aaron Sorkin, the true genius. [applause] Thank you Aaron, thank you Aaron, thank you.