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DON CHEADLE: I was asked to speak for our cast -- I don't know why. But in this film there were 135 speaking roles, actually. [applause] And I would like to read every single name now. [laughter]

No, but I will hit some highlights: Michael, Catherine, Benicio, Luis, Dennis Quaid, Erika Christensen, Topher Grace, Amy Irving, Jacob Vargas, Cliff Collins, Miguel Ferrer, Steven Bauer, Ben Bratt, D.W. Moffett, Peter Riegert, Tomas Milian, Marisol Sanchez, James Brolin, Albert Finney, Steven Gaghan for giving us the wonderful words. [applause]

And of course, the captain of our ship, Steven Soderbergh for shepherding this whole thing.

Thank you.