Transcript Will & Grace

[laughs] Thank you. I’m just generally thrilled, and I’m very touched. I respect actors so much. And it’s nice to be representing a comedy category. I feel like, you know -- thank you so much to everybody at “Will & Grace” -- because working on these great comedy scripts week after week, and kind of always having to think in terms of what’s funny, it sort of starts to rub off after a while. And I’ve found that, you know, in real life I – I’ve sort of reaped some good benefits from that.

I’ve been able to step outside of myself and see things in a little bit different way because of it, and I feel like I’ve been able to change a lot for the better in certain ways. And I feel very blessed.

And so, thank you from me, and thank you from everybody at “Will & Grace.” Thank you so much. [applause]