Transcript Gosford Park

Oh, my god! [laughter] [looking at the award] Isn’t he sweet? I wondered when I was down there if he had any pants on. [laughter] He doesn’t! [laughs]

Oh, god, you know, in the medieval Britain, actors were called rogues and vagabonds. And we are all actually rogues and vagabonds—no matter how we look tonight—under the skin. In “Gosford Park,” you know, there were no trailers, there were no trainers, there were no assistants, there were no special hair and make-up people. There was just a group of rogues and vagabonds with a brilliant director, Bob Altman--[applause]--with a wonderful script by Julian Fellowes. And we just all got down to it.

I’m incredibly proud to have been amongst those great actors: rogues and vagabonds to a man and a woman, in spite of the Dames and Sirs. [laughs] We’re all the same under the skin. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you rogues and vagabonds, for my cute little man. [laughs] Thank you very much.