Transcript Gosford Park

WILL SMITH: Congratulations.

BOB BALABAN: Can we put it down? Is that allowed?

WILL SMITH: You can put it down, yes. He’s naked.

BOB BALABAN: Will it fall? Well, my God, first of all, this is amazing. And due to the constraints of time and the high volume of actors in our movie, I’m going to give a collective “thank you” on behalf of the 47 actors who contain – who are the ensemble that is “Gosford Park.”

And so collectively we thank our agents, our managers, our lawyers, our business managers, [laughter] our high school drama teachers, our dialect coaches, [laughter] our parents’ significant others, children and the babysitters who sat for them and enabled us to attend this ceremony tonight. Thank you. [applause]

Most of all, thanks to our indomitable and intrepid Robert Altman. [applause] Our brilliant writer, Julian Fellowes . [applause] Our fabulous casting director, who assembled all of us and held us together, Mary Selway. [applause] Our friends at Capitol, and especially our friends at USA Films, who handled our delicate movie with enormous care and intelligence, and we’re very grateful for that.

Thank you to SAG and our fellow nominees, and we’re proud to be a part of this inspiring profession. Thank you. [applause]