Transcript The West Wing

Thank you. [pause] Thank you. [pause] If the arts are a bridge to enlightenment and understanding, I can’t think of a more important time to be an artist and I can’t think of a show I’m more proud to be on than “The West Wing.” And I thank the people that have faith in me sometimes when I don’t. And that would be obviously Aaron Sorkin, Tommy Schlamme, Alex Graves, Chris Misiano, and my amazing cast who I love so much, and looking in your faces, you inspire me. And I love you all.

And Stockard Channing, you are brilliant and amazing and I wish I – Aaron, I’m asking you to write more scenes with Stockard [laughter] because she is absolutely, she is the most beautiful, wonderful actress and I am so proud to share this with you, and with all of – everyone – if I say your names I’ll . . . I love you, John, Martin, Brad, Richard, [laugher] Janelle, Dulé, Melissa, Richard, Rob, everybody -- I love – thank you so very much. And my friends and family. Thank you. [applause]