Transcript Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

Accepted by Chadwick’s wife, Simone Ledward Boseman

Thank you, God. Thank you, Leroy and Carolyn Boseman. Thank you, August Wilson. Thank you, George C. Wolfe, Denzel [Washington], Todd Black, Ruben Santiago-Hudson, and Branford Marsalis. Thank you, Viola [Davis] and Glynn [Turman], and Michael [Potts], and Coleman [Domingo], and Taylour [Paige] and Dusan [Brown], and Jeremy Shamos, and Jonathan Coyne. “If you see the world unbalanced, be a crusader that pushes heavily on the seesaw of the mind.” That's a quote by Chadwick Boseman. Thank you, Screen Actors [Guild]. Thank you, Chad. Thank you.