JoBeth Williams and Scott Bakula to Announce Recipients of Screen Actors Guild’s Stunt Ensemble Honors

Jan 20, 2010
Screen Actors Guild Awards® Committee Chair JoBeth Williams and Awards Committee Member Scott Bakula to Announce Recipients of Screen Actors Guild’s Stunt Ensemble Honors During and’s Live SAG Awards® Red Carpet Webcast and’s 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® Red Carpet Pre-Shows Stream Live Saturday, Jan. 23 from 6:15 to 7:30 pm ET / 3:15 to 4:30 pm PT

LOS ANGELES (Jan. 20, 20010) – Screen Actors Guild Awards® Committee Chair JoBeth Williams and Awards Committee Member Scott Bakula, star of TNT’s new hit series “Men of a Certain Age,” will announce the recipients of Screen Actors Guild’s Honors for Outstanding Performances by Film and Television Stunt Ensembles from the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards’ red carpet at at 6:15 p.m. (ET), 5:15 p.m. (CT), 4:15 p.m. (MT) and 3:15 p.m. (PT) on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2010, during the live SAG Awards® pre-show webcasts at and, Jeff Margolis, executive producer and director of the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards announced today.

The live and webcast will be hosted TNT’s Laurel Ripley, who will interview this year’s nominees, past winners and other attendees as they walk the red carpet on their way into the prestigious ceremony.

At 7:30 p.m. (ET), 6:30 p.m. (CT), 5:30 p.m. (MT) and 4:30 p.m. (PT), and will shift to live webcasts of “TNT and PEOPLE Magazine Present the SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS® RED CARPET SHOW,” airing on TNT, which precedes the simulcast of the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards on TNT and TBS from the Los Angeles Shrine Exposition Center at 8 p.m. (ET/PT), 7 p.m. (CT) and 6 p.m. (MT). An encore presentation will air on TNT at 11 p.m. (ET/PT). (Viewers watching via satellite or in HD should check local listings.)

Screen Actors Guild Stunt Ensemble honors commend work within the stunt community during 2009 and recognize stunt performers and coordinators. Nominees chosen by their respective SAG Awards film and television nominating committees were announced on Dec. 17, 2009. Ballots to choose the recipients were sent to the nearly 100,000 active members of Screen Actors Guild on Dec. 29. Balloting closes Thursday, Jan. 21 at noon PT. Results will be sealed by the Guild’s official election teller until they are announced on the SAG Awards® red carpet by Bakula and Williams.

The nominees for this year’s SAG Stunt Ensemble Honors are:

Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Motion Picture

(Universal Pictures)

Wade Allen
Hank Amos
Jennifer Badger
Holly Barrett
Brian Connelly
Tobiasz Daszkiewicz
Jimmy Fierro
Jeremy Fry
Jimmy Hart

Jeff Kehoe
Theo Kypri
Rick LeFevour
Tom Lowell
Daniel Maldonado
Dailyn Matthews
Nancy McCrumb
Laurie McNeilly
Natalie Meyer
Robert Nagle

Anthony Nanakornpanom
Darrin Prescott
Suzanne Prescott
Tracey Ruggiero
Mike Schwartz
Kevin Sorenson

STAR TREK (Paramount Pictures)

Robert Alonzo
Daniel Arrias
Sala Baker
Steve Blalock
Joey Box
Ben Bray
Mark Chadwick
Ilram Choi
Zack Duhame
Pete Epstein
Jeremy Fitzgerald

Terry Jackson
Craig Jensen
Paul Lacovara
Rob Mars
Mike Massa
Heidi Moneymaker
Mike Mukatis
Courtney Munch
Kimberly Murphy
Chris Palermo
Jim Palmer

Eddie Perez
Dan Plum
Damion Poitier
Susan Purkhiser
Mike Schneider
Dennis Scott
Chris Torres
Chrissy Weathersby
Webster Winnery, Jr.
Marcus Young


Terry Ahue
Hank Amos
Stella Angelova
Dan Arrias
Brian Avery
Jeff Barnett
Ken Bates
Paul Borne
John Branagan
Ben Bray
Jeff Brockton
Bob Brown
Kurt Bryant
Paul Bucossi
Peter Bucossi
Stacey Carino
Lauren Cashatt
John Cenatiempo
Alex Chansky
Ilram Choi
Arnold Chon
Brian Christensen
Brian Collins
JJ Dashnaw
Dustin Dennard
Eyad Elbitar
Richard Epper
Tom Erickson
Donna Evans
Roy Farfel
Sierra Fisk
Brent Fletcher
Colin Follenweider
Aja Frary
Eric Frazier
Joey Freitas
Kai Garcia
Mark Ginther
Jessie Graff
Tom Harper
Regis Harrington
Gene Hartline
Melissa Hartman
Michael Hilow
Michael Hugghins
David Hugghins
Yoshio Iizuka
Michael Johnson
Mike Justus
Mike Kase
Steve Kelso
Josh Kemble
Hubie Kerns
Lauren Kim
Alex Krimm
Theo Kypri
Paul Lacovara
Chris Leps
James Lew
Brock Little
Khristian Lupo
Anthony Nanakornpanom
Lin Oeding
Marque Ohmesa
Tarah Paige
Chase Penny
Randy Peters
Jodi Pynn
Suzanne Reed
Greg Reynolds
Jimmy Roberts
Troy Robinson
Shawn Robinson
Larry Rosenthal
Mike Russo
Steve Schriver
Marc Scizak
Tina Sen
Brian Simpson
Mam Smith
Gregg Smrz
Russell Solberg
Philip Tan
CC Taylor
Vladimir Tevlovski
Don Theerathada
Aaron Toney
Frank Torres
Mike Trisler
Alicia Vela-Bailey
Tyler Vogt
Garrett Warren
Jen Weissenberg
Thom Williams
Newt Wimer
Scott Workman
Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series

24 (Fox)

Jeff Cadiente
Brian Hite
Norman Howell
Chris Leps
Dustin Meier
John Meier
Gary Price
Jimmy Sharp, Jr.
Erik Stabenau
Justin Sundquist


Debbie Mazor
R.A. Rondell
Spike Silver

DEXTER (Showtime)

Wally Crowder
Shawn Crowder
Buddy Joe Hooker
Scott Leva
Anthony Schmidt
G. Scott Wilder


Specific nominees are TBA


Troy Brown
Max Daniels
JJ Dashaw
Oakley Lehman
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