Nominating Committee Rules



Your Nominating Committee service is considered confidential. You may tell your friends and family, but DO NOT post any information about your service or FYC materials received on social media.   

This confidentiality extends to any information you receive from the SAG Awards: invitations, websites, viewing platforms, Awards PIN, balloting materials, and general SAG Awards information sent to you electronically and via mail.

Sharing your Awards PIN, Committee website access, or Nom Comm card with anyone is strictly prohibited.


SAG-AFTRA members serving on the Nominating Committee (and their guests) MUST behave in a professional and courteous manner when participating in Q&A panels whether virtual or in-person.

SAG Awards Nominating Committee members may not communicate directly with film companies or their representatives regarding the SAG Awards except to RSVP to screenings. This includes personal requests and comments.

Autographs, selfies or photography of any kind are not permitted at screenings should in-person events resume.

Any violation of the rules or transgression of decorum will be subject to review by the Awards Committee, which has authority to remove the member from present and future nominating committees and recommend that a member be brought up on charges of conduct unbecoming of a member.


As a courtesy to your fellow performers, if your plans change after you RSVP and you can no longer participate, you MUST cancel with the studio. You can do so by using the cancellation email listed on each invitation.

For any and all questions, comments, or requests please contact the SAG Awards Office.

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